Cordoba Centre for Civic Engagement and Leadership engages people in service for the betterment of society and builds trust by promoting dialogue and understanding among people of various cultures and faiths.

Interfaith Food Drive in celebration of Passover, Lent and Easter, and Ramadan

Embraces the Islamic tradition to promote compassionate service, social change and justice; and prepares leaders dedicated to ethical conduct, active citizenship and social responsibility

Program Areas

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVE the Centre organizes and engages in activities to promote community activism, including support for food and clothing banks, community and environmental cleanups and in community garden projects. Volunteers are trained to participate in activities in other community institutions and NGOs.

INTERCULTURAL AND INTERFAITH ACTION INITIATIVE the Centre conducts programs to build greater understanding among cultures and participate in Inter-faith work that promote social justice in the city.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE the Centre works with existing organizations, projects and campaigns and fosters partnerships to better serve our community, including the Charter for Compassion, First Nations Forum, Muslims for White Ribbon Campaign, Give 30 Campaign, Civic Muslims, Khaleafa, and Faith in the City.

SERVICE LEARNING INITIATIVE – the Centre develops a culture for community activism through a diverse set of activities, including forums, lectures, discussion groups, book clubs, movie screenings, and learning exchange trips.