My notes:

The idea of "create a joyful mixed reality experience which offers a recurring element of surprise" is quite interesting for me. This is also the fundamental that I want to create in this PhysComp Studio.

Although there's not any liquid be used in this project instead of the "invisible" drinks, users could still understand what they are doing and enjoy the process of creating their own drinks. A game letting user guess what the ingredients are by the colour and different combinations by trying several times is also a great way to attract people to participate in this design.

How might we create a joyful mixed reality experience which offers a recurring element of surprise? This question led Aditi, Laurin and Minatsu to develop Immersive Bar, a cocktail mixing game.

In this interactive game, the player chooses from three ingredients, represented by SenseHAT equipped Raspberry Pi boards, and pours them into a cocktail shaker. The ingredients are unknown, but by trial and error it is possible to find out what they are. In addition, the colors of the Sense HATs give a further indication of what the ingredients are.

While pouring the ingredients, an LED strip controlled by a fourth Raspberry Pi in the shaker visualizes the liquid level. Once the shaker is full, a computer running Unity mixes the cocktail and “drinks” it before giving a rating. The whole setup is recorded by a camera and displayed on a screen, enriched with a digital visualization of the liquid level, particles that show up while pouring the ingredients, and instructions.

In total, seven different drinks can be mixed, from pure Vodka to exotic cocktails such as the Astronaut. The rating is based on two factors:

MagiPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, published an article on this project. You can read it here.