My notes:

One of my idea is to give some inspirational sentence or other format of information by the objects the user put into the installation. This project made to future prediction came true by utilising the natural language processing methods. Although it is a smart machine, I'm still not sure if the user would have emotional connection with the sentence random generated by the AI. I still need to keep looking for a humanity way of interaction.

Fortune Teller is an AI-powered experience designed to predict the future. Guests sit down in front of a screen and pick a set of occult cards. Prompted by the program, you pick a card for each category – love, health, and work – and place it under the camera. Once the Fortune Teller has processed their card selection, it shares three personal predictions for your future ahead. Based on user testimonials, the level of accuracy was judged to be, well, roughly equivalent to that of an actual fortune teller.

The project is the result of a two-and-a-half-day exploration of machine learning concepts. The team trained an image classification system to recognize the custom-designed cards (based on open source technologies such as Java, Processing, and Wekinator). This process involved several optimization steps to make the classification more robust and experience more playful.

To generate predictions, the team used natural language processing methods. Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services detected the user’s age and emotions to curate the predictions.