<aside> 💡 In order to achieve a decent payment process, the finance guild re-designed this process. The aim of re-designing is providing more clarity and transparency for the several stakeholders (Aragon Community, ESD, Finance Squad, and Guilds with approved funding). The new payment process for contributors will flow as follows:


Step 1 - Monthly reporting by Guilds (standardized format)

Who? Guilds with approved funding
What? Fill out the standardized report and share it on the forum, within a fixed time period
When? Before the first day of the next month (e.g. April’s report before the 1st of May)
Why? So the ESD / Community is able to assess the KPI’s and deliverables in time

Step 2 - Feedback period on report

Who? ESD & Community
What? Assess the received monthly reports, within a fixed time period
When? Within 12 days, starting from the first day of the month
(e.g. April’s report before 12th of May)
Why? The community should be able to monitor the progress of each guild

Step 3 - Compile and prepare transactions by Finance Squad

Who? Financial Squad
What? Compile payments that are optimistically approved by ESD & the community
When? Within 2 days when the feedback period is closed (13th & 14th of each month)
Why? To have a proper and transparent overview on the reward payments

Step 4 - Pay out contributors on a fixed day

Who? 3 out of 5 signers from the MultiSig wallet (more details below)
What? Pay all contributors that were approved on a fixed day
When? On the 15th of the next month (e.g. April’s payment on the 15th of May)
Why? More clarity and transparency for contributors on their payments

Process overview summary


Summary per date

24th till 30/31th Guilds compose their reports and share with ESD & Finance guild
1st till 12th ESD assessing the squad / guild reports and instructing the treasury squad
13th & 14th Finance guild compiles all payments and prepares the transaction
15th Safe signers will sign the transaction and (core) contributors receive their rewards