The Ember Atlas is always looking for new contributions! Whether you noticed a typo, or have a link to add to a list, or want to write a whole new guide, we're open to any and all changes!

Currently, the Atlas uses Notion, which is a platform for wikis that gives us a nice UI and editor, along with native apps that making writing content super easy. Anyone can sign up for a Notion account and comment on documents, and we encourage commenting whenever you see typos or have minor suggestions or ideas for ways to improve the Atlas!

If you want to become a regular contributor and be given access to write, edit, and maintain pages, you have to be given permissions to the Notion space by existing editors. To get these permissions, ping us in the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Ember Community Discord, or email:

What to Contribute?‌

The goal of the Atlas is to cover as much as possible, so we're open to most things! Some ideas for possible contributions are:

If you're wondering whether or not something would be an appropriate addition, ping us in the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Ember Community Discord or email:‌

Adapting Existing Content‌

Sometimes it may make sense to adapt an existing external resource, such as a guide or blog post, for inclusion in the Atlas. In general, if the resource:‌

Then it is a great candidate for adaptation. When adapting, make sure to reference the original resource directly via a link near the beginning of the page so that the original authors receive due credit.