Want to help us make Review Board even better? Great! Let's go over some details on how to contribute a patch to the codebase.

Pick a branch

We have a list of branches on our Branches and Compatibility page, which you'll want to check out.

A patch should always be based on the latest commit on the correct branch. For instance, if you're doing work on any Review Board 4.0.x version, you'll want to use release-4.0.x.

If you're working on a new feature, there's a good chance we might ask you to target the latest in-development release. If it's a small feature, an existing release branch might be fine. Feel free to ask us if you're not sure, and we'll help guide you on what's best.

Follow our standards

We try to keep our codebases, documentation, test coverage, and commit messages consistent and organized. We'll require our conventions to be followed for any code to be accepted.

For source code, follow our ‣.

For any in-code documentation, see Writing Codebase Documentation.

When creating commits, we suggest Keeping Commit Histories Clean.

Your commit message is used to pre-populate the review request description. We have requirements for what we expect there. See Writing Good Change Descriptions.