How to Contribute

Please refer to the Self-Hosting guide for instructions on setting up a local install of beestat to test with.


What to Contribute?

If you’re looking for something to contribute, check the open issues on GitHub, or the feature requests in the beestat community. You’re welcome to bring your own ideas as well.

<aside> 💡 I highly advise having changes approved before writing code. I appreciate initiative, but I thoughtfully consider all features to ensure they are high quality and match beestat’s purpose. I would hate to turn down a pull request because the feature does not align with my goals.


Code Quality

Please follow existing code styles and linting rules. I use ESLint and include an .eslintrc.json file in the project. I take pride in the quality of code I produce and strive to make it clear and well-structured.

Beestat does not use a lot in the way of third party code. I use my own frameworks and, where it makes sense, do not import from external libraries or modules.

Submitting Code

Submit all code as a pull request directly to the master branch. Please include details about what the change accomplishes and screenshots if relevant.

Look at the commit history to review appropriate commit comments.


If you’d like to contribute, please reach out to me at for an invite to a private Discord. Having an open conversation where we can chat share screenshots, code, or examples will be very beneficial to anyone wishing to contribute.