We love community contributions.

Contribution guidelines are listed below. If you're unsure about how to start contributing or have any questions even after reading them, feel free to ask us on Slack in the # 03_contributions or #general channel.

However, for those who want a bit more guidance on the best way to contribute to Naas, read on. This document will cover what we're looking for. By addressing the points below, the chances that we can quickly merge or address your contributions will increase.


The open-source roadmap can be found here:

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Access to Naas Open Roadmap

Commit convention

We follow the **Conventional Commits specification****. **It is a lightweight convention on top of commit messages. It provides an easy set of rules for creating an explicit commit history; which makes it easier to write automated tools on top.

In Naas, we use the following commit elements to communicate:

  1. fix: to patch a bug
  2. feat:to introduce a new feature
  3. docs: to document a feature or a fix