There are 14 stops along the route.

You will hear traditional stories as well as factual accounts of colonization by Indigenous voices.

There are a few references to people fleeing slavery and the potato famine.

Specific content advisories below.


This stop mentions Indian residential schools, and the ongoing violence committed against Indigenous peoples. If you or anyone you know is Indigenous and needs support, the Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line is available 24/7 at 1-866-925-4419.


Mention of loss of biodiversity.


Graphic detail of wild life extinction.

Description of disease transmitted by animals.


Mention of contaminated drinking water

and description of cholera epidemics.


Description of racism and hostility towards Chinese community.


In depth description of homelessness and mental health crisis.

Traffic Alerts While you listen to this audio tour, you will have to cross a number of busy streets. As you approach busy streets and intersections, it is advisable to pause the audio until you have safely crossed the street.

Below are a list of the following stops where you may come in to close proximity with traffic. Please keep yourself aware of your surroundings.

Between Stop #3 (Moss Park Creek) and Stop #4 (Oakham House, 63 Gould Street) • You will be using the traffic lights to cross Church Street at Gould Street. Pay close attention while crossing the street.

Between Stop #6 (Devonian Pond) and Stop #7 (Atrium on Bay) • You will be using the traffic lights to cross Yonge Street at Gould Street and continue south on Yonge, past Edward Street and eventually enter the Atrium on Bay. Yonge Street is very busy and very noisy so you may want to pause the audio until you have safely crossed the street and entered the Atrium on Bay.

Between Stop #8 (The Ward) and STOP #9 (Demise of Taddle Creek, Dundas St. W and Elizabeth St.) • You will be crossing from the north-east corner of Dundas and Bay to the south-west corner of Dundas and Bay. This is a very busy intersection so please pay close attention to the traffic.

Between Stop #11 (Larry Sefton Park) and Stop #12 (Holy Trinity Church) • You will be crossing Bay Street at Hagerman Street. Please cross at the traffic lights.

Between Stop #13 (James Street Sewer) and Stop #14 (City Hall) • You will be crossing Bay Steel toward City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. Bay Street is very busy at this set of traffic lights so please be aware of the traffic and only cross at the traffic lights.