Capstone Submission By Adil Haris and Tammy Tseng


PointClickCare is the most widely-used electronic health record (EHR) platform for long-term care, helping to manage the complete lifecycle of resident care. It provides SaaS software for skilled nursing, senior living, home and community-based care, and informal care companies for better care coordination and patient analytics.

We (Adil Haris and Tammy Tseng) were enrolled in a project with PointClickCare (PCC) to work with representatives Bill Stuart and Ruth Zimmerman as part of our Capstone deliverables for the Master of Science in Product Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. The content delineated below was submitted as part of our final deliverables for our coursework.

The focus of this project was to work with our primary points-of-contact Ruth and Bill, with assistance from our adjunct instructor Brad Eiben, in presenting our recommendations for a request intake and prioritization process that pertains to the curation of content at PCC.

The Problem Statement

Content Curation has been an adhoc process within PCC in the larger product development lifecycle. Ruth has been working with an agile coach to establish a process around the larger content governance structure. We came in to the picture in targeting a narrow slice of this issue in looking at how change requests for content can be submitted, tracked, prioritized and communicated.

We identified 4 core issues:

  1. Multiple Sources

Content requests came in from multiple sources via emails/meetings and involved long drawn out email communication with a number of stakeholders involved.

2. Lack of Ownership

There was lack a lack of a means to establish ownership for each requests. It was really hard to assign who should be held responsible, accountable, and consulted for each request

3. No Means to Prioritize

There was no means to prioritize or determine which of the backlog of requests should be tackled first.

4. Difficult to Track

Finally, it was difficult to track and a stakeholder who makes a request often did not have full transparency in the progress being made to its implementation

Content curation step-by-step workflow with pain points

Content curation step-by-step workflow with pain points