It's not as posh-y and elegant as digital nomads.

My lifestyle is somewhere between backpacker and a homeless with a good quality of life.

🛤 My Path

🤝 Host me

When I'm not on either housesitting, an art residency program, traveling, or medical trial or whatsoever, I might be looking for a place to stay.

What You Get As A Host

I'd like to do non-currency exchange with you - plant-based experimental dishes, help you out for cleaning and house chores, cat care, or being the best listener of your life.

Are You Interested?

Thank you. That means a lot to me.

The Grey bar is just for showing my locations. Please check if I'll be around your city. On the days without "Reserved" means I need a roof.

If you want to host me, please feel free to write to me from the chat widget from the right corner of this page😄

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