Connect your google form, Typeform, or any other forms service with a google sheet or CRM and send notifications to the subscriber or your team.

Let's say you are using Typeform for collecting data and sending it over to a google sheet or Hubspot.

Steps to follow:

  1. Login to your EBL account, create an endpoint inside your desired project.
  2. Add this webhook endpoint generated from EBL to Typeform(Help link:
  3. Create a workflow on EBL and connect it with the endpoint created for Typeform entries.
  4. Now add a function using Hubspot API to add form data on Hubspot. (API reference:
  5. Add another function for slack/email/SMS if you wish to send notification to your sales team You can also, implement conditional alerts to trigger notification only if the form submission matches a specific criteria
  6. Use the same SMS/Email function again to send out an notification to the user who submitted the form(Email API reference:, SMS API:

Woohoo! now you are good to go. 😇