Project Creative Labs Winter 18

Tasks Creative Direction

Date Jan - March 2018

Contact Point plays with the interaction between individuals and their environment as well as how we connect with one another. We all came into contact with each other and used our senses to create our experiences, through this at our contact point allows us to connect.


During the winter quarter of my Sophomore year, my roommate Dylan and I led a project through Creative Labs, in which we recruit other students to work quarter-long on a passion project together. We recruited a team of students from varying levels of skill in design, photography and modeling to create a narrative through imagery. The project would take 8 weeks and we would meet once or twice a week.


Initially, Dylan and I imagined that we would be streamlining the process, creating a video and managing a team along with teaching our team how to think more creatively. But we soon realized that venturing into a new medium in such a small frame of time with a new team that wasn't prepared to think creatively was very ambitious. We then decided to craft a narrative with a medium we were comfortable in teaching - photography. Throughout these 8 weeks, we lead a team of 8 others to plan and think creatively while shooting photographs.


For many members of our team, it was their first time thinking creatively. Crafting a story to tell took came with being comfortable with sharing ideas with each other. Dylan and I lead the team on how to share ideas and communicate in a space where every idea was honored. We had multiple brainstorming sessions and storyboarded the final project.

We presented at Demo Day Winter 18, and hung out printed photographs across the wall for viewers to interact with.