If you prefer a step-by-step video tutorial instead, then have a look at AJ Ordaz Youtube video

In Construct 3, use the NW.JS export

Latest official Scirra version supports Greenworks for NW.js 0.47.0 (as of July 23rd 2020)

Uses the following versions: NW.js: 0.52.0 Steamworks SDK: 1.50 - download link Greenworks: 0.52.0 - addon documentation

Download exported zip file.

Unzip it.

Go to https://greenworks-prebuilds.armaldio.xyz/ tool, set presets following versions used above, and download the Greenworks prebuild files.

Customize the package.json file in the root of your exported project with following chrome args to fix a few things if needed:

Allow achievements to appear over the game:


Help OBS capturing the game (for streamers):


Prevent Chrome to open the Chrome Dev Tools window: