Lion DAO Constitution

Last Revised: 01/27/22

In July 2021, Blockchain at Columbia, the student-run digital asset and blockchain technology organization at Columbia University, decided to restructure itself into a DAO to expand the scope of the organization’s opportunities for members and allow for members and alumni to engage with the club in a crypto-native way. Blockchain@Columbia is a subset of Lion DAO, composed of current students of any of Columbia University’s 20 schools. Lion DAO is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of New York as Blockchain at Columbia Inc and is soon to be a federally recognized non-profit. Any LION token holders who supported our 32 ETH Mirror launch and any past or current members of Blockchain@Columbia are a part of Lion DAO, subject to expansion as decided by governance.

As the first student blockchain organization DAO, it’s imperative that we set an example for the future of blockchain student organizations through our productive and ethical operations, compelling events, and contributions to the broad blockchain space through original protocol-level research, application development, educational resource creation and curation, etc. Lion DAO is a community of researchers, engineers, investors, artists, students, and operators who are interested in every facet of the blockchain/crypto/web3 space. For the students in the DAO, this is an unparalleled opportunity to get privileged access to a nascent industry through connecting with Columbia alumni and community members in the DAO, the speakers we host, and directly participating in the cutting edge of the space as a DAO member. Lion DAO’s objective is to make the broader crypto space as accessible and open as it initially set out to be, regardless of students’ backgrounds, majors, or particular interests.


  1. To deeply analyze and research distributed systems, base-layer protocols, and applications in an academic setting.
  2. To provide an environment for students to communicate and build relationships with others interested in blockchain technology, crypto, and web3.
  3. To foster education and discussion of decentralized organizations and digital assets through speaker events, our annual LedgerFest conference, and our annual LionHack hackathon.
  4. To provide support for students to build in the crypto space from NFTs to educational content to DeFi protocols.


Creating Proposals and Voting

  1. Any member of Lion DAO can create Snapshot proposals, and we especially encourage current members to do so.
  2. Proposal discussion should primarily be held on our Commonwealth page, which offers numerous benefits like being able to upvote discussions, see a list of Lion DAO members, etc.
  3. There should be at least 1 community call per proposal organized on Twitter Spaces or in our discord.
  4. Voting periods should last at least a week to give the proposer adequate time to advertise the proposal, and discuss and engage with other members of the DAO.
  5. Proposals should be for important decisions like treasury expenditure/diversification, grant allocation, etc.
  6. Ideally, most proposals should include multiple alternatives to what is being proposed (i.e., not single choice voting) to make governance as productive as possible: i.e., not just purely yes or no votes.
  7. A minimum of 20% of all LION holders need to vote for the vote to be considered valid and a majority of the voting holders is required for any proposal to pass. One exception is if there is a vote to dissolve the DAO. This would require ⅔ majority to pass.
  8. To help correct the voting imbalance between students and crowdfund contributors, all current students will be added by the current president to a whitelist to give them 100x the voting power. This whitelist will be updated every semester.