This consent form provides information for potential users of application "Journey" owned by FITSIA HOLDINGS LTD to understand how the processing of their personal data will be conducted for the purpose of this project, which is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please sign at the bottom to indicate that you have read and understood how your personal data will be processed, your related rights, and that you consent to this processing as described below.

Sea chefs House, 1st floor, 12 Kosta Katselli Street, Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus FITSIA HOLDINGS LTD, is responsible for all your personal data collected for and during the project and for making sure all those working on the project comply with any data protection requirements for the collection, use and processing of the personal data.

FITSIA HOLDINGS LTD is responsible for deciding what personal data needs to be collected during the project and how this data will be used.

FITSIA HOLDINGS LTD and its representatives will take all reasonable steps to protect your privacy as is required by law, including letting you know what safeguards are taken to keep your personal data safe. Some ways in which your personal data is kept safe includes removing identifiers of your personal data or encrypting or key-coding it so that it is not identifiable, and collecting only the personal data needed. You can request this information about safeguards by using the address below to contact us.

We are conducting the processing of personal data related to this project on the basis of your consent.

We will use your personal data primarily for the purposes of this project.


In addition to the information you will directly submit to us, these are the categories of personal data we will use:

All other personal data, except for those described above, are collected by analytical services, a complete list of which you will see in paragraph “RECIPIENTS OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA”.

Through their Software Development Kit (SDK) built into our application, analytic services collect and process the following information: