Each Data Store makes use of a Connector to access data on your chosen platform.

Each Connector is required to perform the same basic tasks but they accomplish those tasks in quite different ways. For example, when asked to write data, an Excel Spreadsheet Connector will create an Excel file containing the data and store it in a folder system, whereas an SQL Server Connector will execute database commands to write the same data into the database. From a user perspective, both achieve the same task, but internally they work quite differently.

Because all data formats have differing capabilities and limitations, so do the Eightwire connectors that work with them. Where possible Eightwire will attempt to bridge the capability gap by inferring the missing information from the data, even where this is not provided by the data format itself. For example, the Delimited Text format does not provide any way to designate a primary key column. Instead, Eightwire analyses some of your data and infers an appropriate column for you. Conversely, most database platforms explicitly allow you to specify a primary key, which Eightwire will detect and use.

This page shows our current selection - there are always new connectors on our roadmap, so let us know if there is something specific you are looking for;