Stuck on Audio/Video Permission

Are you trying to get into a Space and can't get past the loading page? Maybe you get stuck on the Audio/Video screen, or you just don't see yourself on the Audio/Video check? Here are some steps to take so you can once again see your beautiful face.

01 :: Basics

  1. Make sure you are using either a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If you have issues using one of them, try the other.
  2. Try a Hard Refresh to reset your connection to the page.

02 :: Check Site Microphone/Camera Permissions

Click the lock to the left of your the URL bar and set Camera, Microphone to "Allow" if they aren't already.

03 :: Reset Permissions

  1. Open the lock again.

  2. Click "Site Settings."

  3. Click "Reset permissions" and then click "confirm" when it prompts you.

  4. Go back to the Nowhere tab and Reload the page.

04 :: Turn Off Ad Blocking Extensions

If you are using an ad blocking browser extension such as Ad Blocker, NOADS, etc. Go to that extension and follow the directions to turn it off.

05 :: Clear Data

Still not getting the Allow pop-up?