SNAQ imports your glucose data though the LibreLink App. Allow SNAQ to import your glucose data using the LibreLinkUp feature in the LibreLink App. Follow the steps below to import your glucose data. In Europe the LibreLink App is available for Libre and Libre 2. In the US the LibreLink app is currently only available for Libre and Libre 14 days but NOT Libre 2.

Step 1:

In the top left corner of the LibreLink App, click the menu icon and then click on "Connected Apps" below.

Step 2:

Click on "Connect" for LibreLinkUp.

Step 3:

Then click on "Add Connection".

Step 4:


After you complete the process it can take up to 24h hours before the link up between the accounts is established. Your glucose data is not shared with any 3rd party and is imported into the app for time-in-range calculations and visualization of your glucose levels for your meals.

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