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Why connect to your HRIS?

The best way to fully leverage the power of Pyn is by making sure you have accurate, up-to-date information about your employees in the Pyn platform.

There are two ways to input your employee data into Pyn.

  1. Integrating with your HRIS. Currently supported HRIS integrations include BambooHR, Namely and Workday.
  2. Uploading an employee file. You can import your employee data using an XLS, XLSX, or CSV file.

While you're welcome to upload your employee list manually, this means Pyn will remain just that, manual. Each time a piece of employee data changes, your employee file in Pyn will need to change too. That's why we suggest integrating with your HRIS - set it and forget it!

Permissions need from your HRIS

To integrate with your HRIS, Pyn needs access to at least:

View a full list at our Data Dictionary.

Integrating with BambooHR

It's easy to set up BambooHR directly through Pyn 🙂