<aside> 🏝️ Thanks for being interested in further collaboration with Phi. We are proud to support PoolTogether Ecosystem to get more adoption and engagement. 🤝

Here’s a proposal for our collaboration content!


Examples of the collaborations on Phi (Curve, AAVE, ENS, Sudoswap) :

Possible Quests

  1. Deposit $20+ USDC into a PoolTogether V4 on Polygon
  2. Claim a prize on Polygon
  3. Hold 10+ $POOL(Ethereum)
  4. Delegate a ticket for the prize (=PTaUSDC(1 USDC = 1 PTaUSDC)) to any other wallet on Polygon.
  5. Holding a Pooly (Supporter/ Lawyer/ Judge) or Pfers on Ethereum
  6. Create a land from the ENS subdomain “pool.<your ens>.eth” on Phi.

Campaign Options

Potential Campaign: ___$POOL

  1. PoolTogether TiliX Pixel Art Contest (1 month)


Campaign Period: “2 Weeks(It can be extended)

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