Replace the Gateway WiFi with a more powerful WiFi and connect all your Camera through Ethernet. This configuration is recommended when using more than 3 Cameras and Tags.

Standard configuration

Here is how VR Tracker network usually work when testing it. This configuration is ok for development and testing only.

All the Cameras and Tags are wireless and connect to the Gateway's Wifi ("VR Tracker Gateway").

The Gateway gets the internet from your home router through an Ethernet connection.

Extended configuration

Here is the configuration to use in "the real world" with many Cameras and Tags :

All the Cameras are connected to the Gateway through a switch using Ethernet cables.

A Wifi Router replaces the Gateway Wifi and the Tag and Users directly connect to the router.

The router also give access to the internet connection.

IMPORTANT : For this setup, a specific configuration is required on the WiFi router to make it work ! Connect to your router configuration page (usually in your web browser) and follow carefully the steps below.

Identify the Gateway Ethernet MAC

The first thing to do is to find out what is the MAC address of the Gateway Ethernet card (WARNING : not the Wifi card, this is a different MAC).

To do so you can connect the Gateway to you Wifi router using the ethernet cable, connect to the router config page and look for the connected devices. The Gateway should up, along with its MAC address. Copy paste somewhere safe, we will need it later.