A few of the highlighted concepts of Safient that is of almost importance for the functioning of the protocol are:

  1. Safe creation
  2. Safe claim
  3. Safe recovery
  4. Safe recovery incentivization.

Here we discuss the interaction involved (Both onchain and off-chain) in these concepts.

Safe creation:

When a user creates a new safe on the platform, the following things take place on both off-chain and onchain:

Offchain safe creation

  1. A new safe safe secret (symmetric key) is generated.
  2. The symmetric key is encrypted (Using PKI) to the beneficiary user (Using public key) and self.
  3. The guardians are appointed randomly from the guardians' list.
  4. The encrypted safe secret is split into shares. The number of shares depends on the number of guardians selected.
  5. The shares are encrypted for each guardian (Using the public key). The encrypted shares are then stored on a decentralized storage network and on the Textile threadDB record. To maintain the durability of the shares, we will also make a deal to the Filecoin network to put it in cold storage.

Onchain safe creation

  1. When the safe creation is initiated, the user may also pay the safe maintenance fee to the Safient incentivization contract on the Ethereim network. The fee can also be paid anytime before the safe is claimed.

    <aside> 💡 If the safe creator wishes to pay a safe maintenance fee in the future, the onchain interaction will be skipped.


  2. If the onchain interaction for safe creation is skipped, a safe creation proof is generated and stored off-chain on Textile ThreadDB that can be verified later by the contract.