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Okay so today I'm going over HTTPS and trying to re-re-remember things I've forgotten and stuff. I thought it might be fun to try to explain it at a higher-level-ish

What's HTTPS?

HTTPS is simply "HTTP over TLS", i.e. "HTTP/TLS". It's the same ol' HTTP underneath, it's just wrapped in TLS which is like a protective layer on top that enables encrypted communication.


The main advantages are:

What's the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Uh, okay. Well, let's look at HTTP communication. We'll pretend we're a sentient computer in someone's home network (an IoT door lock perhaps) and we're watching the foolish mortals browse the web. Someone goes on kitten.bianc.at using Chrome:


This is plain HTTP. Here, the communication between the browser and the server is as follows:

  1. Browser initiates connection with server (TCP)
  2. Browser sends HTTP request saying "please, GET kitten.bianc.at/ for me"