Guido is interactive installation which provides a mesmerising experience **in any transitional space. A large-scale, yet intricate, hanging mesh that reacts to the presence of visitors guarantees a unique and breath-taking experience. Given the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the installation guides participants towards a 1.5-meter distance, allowing every visitor a moment to themselves.

This project was prompted by the Interactive Environments minor at the TU Delft. Guido is an interactive installation that was intended and built for ****the Mekelpark in Delft, the centre of the TU Delft campus.

The experience Guido provides is inspired by the analogy of swimming through a school of fish. United by their uniformity, the myriad of small fish forms one big entity which collectively opens a path for a diver to follow. Finding themselves amidst this phenomenon, the diver is entirely encapsulated by the captivating experience. Due to being underwater, everyday worries and nuisances, such as emails and phone calls, are forgotten; they are granted short moment of escapism.

The multitude of small, individual fish creates a passage, giving way to the diver.

In short - "Guido offers a short immersion into an escapist experience while safely guiding the user through a transitional space."