Dec 2019 / Bonhill PLC / Product Design / UX Research

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The challenge

How might we improve the event experience & increase attendee engagement?


We designed an app that gives attendees a 360-degree view of the event, helps them build connections, & provides them a platform to better engage during the event.


Bonhill PLC

My Role

Product Designer


Dec 2019


Bonhill Group PLC is UK's leading B2B media company. They conduct numerous live events every year but were receiving lots of complaints regarding the experience & engagement. Bonhill was feeling the pinch when it comes to grabbing (and holding) attendees’ attention. They wanted a solution to increase engagement and improve the event experience for their attendees.

My Responsibilities

Initial research, feature ideation, user testing, prototyping, and visual design

Problem Space

  1. 91 percent of event professionals say increasing engagement in today’s hyper-connected world is one of their top priorities.
  2. A whopping 90 percent of attendees with smartphones are using them for business purposes during events and meetings.
  3. On average, attendees spend more than $1500 to attend an event. They’re losing time at work and with their family to come to your function. So, when they arrive on-site, their motivation is high to hit the ground running and begin learning, networking, and influencing right away.
  4. Event producers are reporting overwhelmingly positive results regarding mobile apps’ ability to boost ROI and enhance the attendee experience.

Approach to Solution