May 30, 2020

A few months ago I was asked to be a speaker about Computer Vision. I'm very excited about it until I just realized that I was not an expert in that field 🤣

So, I decided to learn about it and prepare a presentation. Oh, I forgot to say about a deadline. A month. Yeah, I f**ked up.

In short, my model succeed. I made a model that can detect a number with a hand gesture in 2 weeks without knowing nothing wtf computer vision is before. This is my tweet with an output video of data testing I made.

And if you want to know about what have I learned or to know more what computer vision is. This is my presentation.

And of course, here is my code and all of the data training in my Drive. Feel free to download and make an improvement on it 😉

Google Colaboratory

cv-hand number - Google Drive

Why I share all of this with you? Because I know that all of the knowledge is free. Just bullsh*t. An event that wants to invite me as a speaker canceled due to this pandemic 😭

So, enjoy! 🍻