Because Public is a financial institution, we fall under the regulatory supervision of FINRA. This means that we adhere to important guidelines when it comes to how we represent our clients' experience and particularly how our advertising partners talk about our product.

The below is a quick guide for ensuring that you're operating within these guidelines.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Content should always be truthful and never misleading.

  2. Avoid mentioning the performance of any individual stocks or the specific performance of your/any Public account.

    <aside> ✅ "With Public, you can invest in Amazon for $20 when the share price could be at about $1,500 or higher, which few people can afford."


    <aside> ❌ "With Public, I just invested in Amazon for $20 when I know the share price right now is $1,579, which I could never afford."


    In the above case, you see how we avoid articulating a specific stock price. That's because it may fluctuate over time, and we will not know when your reader or viewer may encounter it.

  3. All content must be approved by the Public team prior to publication.

  4. Disclosures may be required, depending on your content.

  5. Respond to comments only with pre-approved responses or send responses to the Public team for approval.

  6. Tag all of your content with the appropriate "sponsored" or "ad" language (per FTC guidelines).

Responding to Comments

As mentioned above, anything that is said regarding Public will fall under regulation. What if someone leaves a comment? Below are some questions/topics that need to be answered carefully. Don't see the example you are looking for? Please contact our team and we'll add what you need or help craft a response.

FAQs in Comments

Q: How much do they charge in fees?

A: Public allows you to buy and sell stocks commission-free. You may still incur small exchange fees from your trades; however, Public does not charge a monthly fee or anything else to use the app.

Q: I just signed up, but don't know what to invest in, help!

A: Luckily, Public makes it easy to discover publicly traded companies through their community and themes. On Public you can follow other users and see what they're invested in, even share investment strategies. There's also Themes, which are curated lists of stocks and ETFs that align with investors' interest areas or values.