<aside> ☝ While Pento is deeply invested in our remote-first set-up, we also believe that time spent together in-person is important for strengthening the relationships we need to effectively work together remotely. This page outlines how summits and team meets work, and includes guidance for self-organising.


Company summits 🏝️

We will host a company-wide summit once a year, in September (next date tbc: likely 12-14 October, 2022). The purpose of our summits is to spend time together, align around company strategy and our growth plans, and spend time discussing topics that matter.

We will choose a great location each time and there will be plenty of time dedicated to enjoying our surroundings! The People team lead all logistics and planning; please chat to them if you would like something to be considered for next time.

Learnings – Barcelona summit 2021

Team meets ✈️

Outside of our company-wide summits, we encourage teams to meet in-person at least once a year. Some teams may get together more regularly and we have the below travel guidance in place to help you decide on the best cadence for your team. You may also wish to travel solo to spend time with a colleague overseas. For this, we have our travel stipend.

UK team travel 🏙️

Spend approval 💳

You should only spend company money to better the company and team environment; it should always be in the company’s best interest.

We’re targeting €1000-1500 pp for team offsites requiring international travel. Visibility and context is more important to us than having strict approval processes in place. Speak to Kayleigh if you’re planning a team meet and discuss spend to get their input.

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