<aside> 💡 Thinking about starting a company? This template will help you think through your startup idea from first principles.

- Merci Grace

This whole page is dynamic! Add your Figma files, customer data and more.

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Concept name

↑ Add the name of your startup here.

Startup spec — October 14, 2021

Figma prototype


Customer development insights

🧭 Company mission

<aside> 👉 One sentence that describes why your company exists.


Company brand

<aside> 👉 Example:

⚙️ Core customers

<aside> 👉 Example:

  1. “ML engineers at early stage startups”
  2. “ML engineering managers at early stage startups”
  3. And other similarly specific customer descriptions in an ordered list from most-to-least important. </aside>

🚨 The problem

<aside> 👉 Describe the problem that your company exists to solve for its customers. Be specific about what people are trying to accomplish and how they’re doing that today. This should be the meatiest part of your spec. It should also change as you do customer development interviews and learn more.