<aside> 🥇 Our values drive everything we do from the types of projects we take on to the type of individuals we hire. They also serve as a guide for our day to day interactions and expectations when working with teammates and clients.


Team not family

When companies say, "We're just a big happy family here!", typically that implies "I can ask you to sacrifice your actual family for this job."

We are a team of highly skilled individuals who design and build world class software applications. We also build relationships, support each other, make each other laugh, build each other up, and push each other to be better. Sometimes that can feel like family, but we won't ask you to sacrifice your work-life balance for our team.

Life before work

Your life is more important than this job. The work you do at UX Cabin is a means to support your life, family and community. We are not trying to be the next big thing, we're just trying to do world class work at a sustainable pace.

Sure, you occasionally might need to burn the midnight oil. You might need to start your days early, or end them late, but overall your work should not take over your life. If it is, that means something is structurally wrong with the project/team/client/process, and we want to know about it so we can figure out how to fix it.

We also know that some people go through seasons where they can work a lot & want to work a lot. We're not trying to say that's wrong. It's just not the expectation that you have to work excessive hours to be successful.

Better before bigger

At UX Cabin we do amazing work, and we are continually presented with the opportunity to grow. However, we don't want to prioritize quantity over quality. We don't want to get bigger before we can handle it. Our goal is to set up systems, best practices, and a proper foundation before we start building things on top of that.

<aside> ⚙️ Look for areas of systemization. If you completed something really difficult, how can you share your insight to make it easier for the next person who has to do it? Can you make a guide or a how-to that will help the next person do this faster and more efficient?

Build something once, reuse it 1000 times.



"When you tell people you trust them, they will tell you how trustworthy they are" - Reed Hastings

Work from wherever you want whenever you want. Work on what you want in order to deliver on time to the right person.

We don't have a ton of rules around this because no one has tried to abuse their freedom. If/when someone does abuse this freedom we can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Make a rule that removes the freedom.
  2. Remove the person that can't respect the freedom (after ample warnings, and due process)

We're going to opt for #2.

<aside> 🏞️ Be smart, gracious, and discerning. Make sure you are able to attend client meetings and be available for teammates.

Enjoy the freedom!