We should embrace meetings out of the inherent value of interaction and what may come out of it.

Narrative Buy In

There is no progress, where there is no narrative. Building a product is like writing a fiction in slow motion. What stories are we telling ourselves that's informing our decisions. Let's continually unpack what this says about us and our process.

Out Front

We are opinionated product builders that should stand by how we feel. As long as it’s rooted to better the group and the product... not our own ego.

Replenishing The Creative Spirit

There's a cost for inspiration, but there's a greater cost for a lack of inspiration. Every Monday we make sure to experience each other and the world around us. Whether that is going to the MOMA, Storm King, or bowling... we are committed to tending our creative spirit.

Monday Funday

What Already Works

Design Focused Product Decisions

Eternal believes that building incredible product experiences, is based in beautiful functional design. This is how we run our company, and this is how our users interact with us.

Know Thyself → Communicate Clearly

Eternal believes that the only way you will be able to do your best work, is having a sound understanding of who you are. Your strengths, weaknesses, loves, hates, etc. When you know yourself, how you work, how you express… you can intentionally direct your energy for the best outcomes.

This comes with a focus on clearly communicating. Anyone can bullshit when they speak out-loud. Writing forces you to internalize if you actually believe what you think. Writing your reasoning, how you feel, what the user is supposed to feel… gives you the space to think clearly and a deeper sense of control.

You Are the User

If you don’t personally feel the need for Eternal as a product, you shouldn’t work here.

Constantly audit if your decisions are reflecting our deeper values, if not, let’s find out why. We want you to do the best work of your career with us, we hope this helped you.


We aren’t social / gaming / media ~ we are completely on our own and the rules don’t apply to us

We are here to improve our ability to express what is true. And that is bigger than all of us. The future is intersectional, and all crafted experiences need to be mindful of this. If you are thinking in one dimension, then you aren’t thinking properly. If you are having trouble with this rule, refer back to the previous rule. Writing will set you free.