Team: Iris Cai, Gia Marino, Laura Pedrosa, Patricia Yu

Final Project, Design for Social Innovation, Spring 2022

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design

Table of Contents


Problem Space

Since the COVID-10 pandemic began, many populations around the world have experienced increased risk to their livelihoods and are subject to hate crimes. The focus area for our project is specifically on women and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Both of these groups have a long history of racism and sexism within the United States. However, people who occupy both identities (AAPI women), they face increased fear in their daily lives, especially those who live in metropolitan areas.

The fear these populations experience impacts their daily lives and how they migrate within cities. Hate crimes and street harassment are often underreported, yet commonplace in people’s lives. There continues to be a lack of legislation, lack of confidence in authorities, and fear of stigma. Lastly, even though both hate crimes and street harassment are widely regarded as unlawful and wrong, people often do not know how to handle these situations or are prepared as a bystander to support others.

Initial Brainstorm