Frequently Asked Questions

What is the survey for?

We have two goals for this survey.

The first is to collect information about the people who are in our extended community, including people close to aequa and others who might like to be involved. We hope the survey will give us more of an understanding of what peoples’ needs and desires are so we can make aequa the best community project it can be. aequa’s work is grassroots and community driven, so the more we know about what we all need, the better we can organise directly for those needs.

The second goal is for you, the person taking this survey. In a world of many systems of oppression and marginalisation, many of us never get asked what we want, what we need, what we’d love to create if we had space and support. We hope that the questions we’ve asked in this survey might give you a pause, a moment of reflection.

Want to get more involved in shaping our shared future? Sign up to volunteer for a working group here.

When should you take this survey?

We know how busy our lives can be, and we’re really grateful for you finding the time for this. Even if you can answer only the few required questions, it’ll be really helpful.

The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. That might be the only 20 minutes you have between other things on a busy day which is totally fine. If it’s possible, we recommend doing it when you feel like you have some time and space to reflect.

The date for finishing the survey is __________.

How should you take this survey?

Take your time and just answer what you feel like answering! The more details we get, the better and more inclusive our work can be. Everything will be kept confidential.

Please note that due to limitations of this survey platform, you will need to complete the survey in one sitting (meaning, you keep one browser tab open and don’t restart the browser). Unfortunately, it’s not possible to save and come back later. So we recommend doing it at a time you can sit and complete the whole thing.

What happens after the survey?

The results will be shared in anonymous forms and used to help aequa better meet the needs of our community.