NFTs are changing the world. From art to music, and from luxury watches to sportswear.

NFTs are destined to disrupt many industries but most importantly, the way we connect with each other.

NFTs are changing the idea of "the community".

A community used to be a neighborhood, a village, a city or a country. And then, web2 and globalization came: and community was formed around social media and shared beliefs.

Web3 goes beyond every step, and HOTM captures this spirit.

We are not only aiming to create a community. We believe in the power of imagination, fantasy, magic, knights, and wizards. It's fun. It's historic, it's interesting. It's cool.

So, how can web3 mix with medieval fantasy to create something unique, new, engaging and independent from great leaderships?

How can we create a society inside this Metaverse that we call Azargath?

With its political system (a King, a Senate, a Round Table, Heroes and citizens), its economy, its cities, places, mythology and where people can write their own story regardless of where they were born or what's their first language?

A decentralized community of people who believes in the power of imagination. A metaverse where we all can decide the direction of our future. We all propose, vote, plan, execute, and make our wildest dreams come true.

HOTM is for those who love RPG, videogames, MMORPG, Tibia, Diablo, The Lord of the Rings, GoT and so many more medieval fantasy tales.