Hi! If you're getting this, you must have signed up for my ~monthly newsletter (this is the first one). I'm one of the cofounders of the Archive coliving house in SF and am taking a 1-2 year break from AI engineering to research and build a community that lasts for decades.

A month ago, I finally admitted to myself that I ought to be working on community and quit my job. So what have I been up to since then? A reasonable question. Here are some highlights:


Independent research is pretty awesome, but it isn't all sunshine and kittens. This is by far the least structured and accountable my life has ever been, and the adjustment has been a little strange. Instead of cultivating discipline (like I did throughout my 20s), I follow my curiosity. Instead of setting goals every week, I've taken to identifying high- and low-leverage activities so I can compute a gradient update for my life. And instead of trying to force structure onto my life, I'm learning to embrace ambiguity. It's weird that I could stay in bed all day if I wanted and nobody would even found out... until now, I mean.

Questions I'm currently broadly curious about:

What seems like it's missing from my list of curiosities? What do you wish I was exploring?