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LEARN: How is our community structured?

CONTRIBUTE: How to get involved? 🤔

READ: What’s the latest? 🗞️

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LEARN: How is our community structured? 🧱

We consider our community the group of people who:

  1. Believe in our Vision and Mission.
  2. Take action in support of that mission.
  3. Interact with each other.

Community Levels

There are 3 levels of commitment within our community. When members contribute to the project, they level-up to unlock perks, gain access to new channels and special privileges.

Level-of-commitment 11.jpg

Inside each level there can be different roles that more accurately represent each community member. These roles act mainly as an internal status badge. A person can have more than on role. Discord roles are claimed via guild.xyz or assigned manually.

L1: Members

L2: Contributors

L3: Team

Community NFTs

Talent Mates is a NFT collection of unique avatars, exclusive for Talent Protocol community, that also serves as a community membership card.

Your Talent Mate is your ticket to claim Discord roles and community perks.

Read more at Talent Mates.

NFT set-04.png

CONTRIBUTE: How to get involved? 🤔