The HOTM Community Treasury will be seeded with 70% of the Public Sales revenues from the proceeds of a successfully concluded sale. This treasury will be coordinated by The Round Table and Heroes holders through voting on tools like Snapshot.

Heroes of the Metaverse is determined to become a DAO. The Round Table will create the governance structures during the project's first year to achieve this goal. The TRT will create the political system, the economy, the institutions, and the mechanism that ensures that the project becomes decentralized and autonomous but at the same time, efficient, agile and financially sustainable.

Until then, the initial process to manage the Community Treasury will be the following.

1. Revenue sources

2. Process to accept or deny Heroes proposals

  1. Heroes holders (1 vote for every Hero owned) will propose activations, experiences, contests, events, or any other kind of action that might benefit the whole community.
  2. Senators will then discuss the Pros and Cons of these proposals. If they agree on something, they will send the proposal to the Awesome Table.
  3. The Round Table (the King/Queen, the Princeps, and the senators chosen (from 3 to 5) by the Princeps and the monarch will evaluate if the proposal corresponds with the project's spirit and respects the HOTM Terms of Service. They can veto proposals.
  4. Once The Round Table accepts a proposal, two things might happen:

<aside> ⚡ How will we determine if an election is required? One of the biggest challenges to creating a DAO is to select our battles carefully. Important decisions that might affect the course of action of HOTM, such as entering new markets, partnerships, rules, laws, or creation of institutions, will be applicable for elections. Simple decisions such as new hires, creating new channels, or executing daily tasks will not qualify for elections. This is to ensure the project's agility.


3. Technology stack