The GTCC community roadmap is a collaborative and continually iterative vision, dreamt and written by the community of what needs to happen in order to build sustainable living on playa and beyond. The community operates as a non-heiarchical do-acracy, where all individuals are empowered to lead and share their unique gifts and talents. The only structure and organization that exists are created on an as needed-basis to give space for radical self-reliance and taken to a community level, radical community organizing.

The current community roadmap is organized around:

  1. Agreed upon times of gathering

  2. Shared goals and important points of collaboration

  3. Meeting the 2030 Sustainability Goals

  4. Creating the Thrival Guide, a "How To Burn Sustainably" manual to help theme camp leaders go Green

  5. Creating the BLAST standards so Theme Camps have a way to measure their playa eco-footprint

Here is what a year with GTCC might look like:

JANUARY l——————-———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-—————————l DECEMBER

Virtual l——(Q1 Virtual Roundup) ———-————(Q2 Virtual Roundup) ———-— (Q3 Virtual Roundup) ————————-——-- (Q4 Virtual Roundup)——-—l

In-Person ****l————————————(Informal In-Person Gathering) ———————————————————————————————————————————-————l

Thrival ****l——————————————————(Thrival Guide Submissions) ————-(Thrival Guide Prototype Release)——————-————————-—————-l

Green ****l————————————————-—————————————————————(Green Experimental Burn) ————————————————-———————-l

BLAST l————————————-(Annual Blast Meeting)—-————————————(BLAST Plans Submission) —————————-————-—————————-l