We are committed to the tenets of being trustless, permissionless and decentralized. Cambrian Protocol is releasing as open source software and exiting to the community with the future launch of CambrianDAO. We firmly believe that ownership of the tools, infrastructure and governance of the Future of Work must belong to a diverse community of stakeholders.

Community ownership is threaded through all levels of our network. Developers retain fee rights for Solver dapps they build and curators stake their ownership on the Solvers they like the most.

We're founding CambrianDAO along with our native token (to be announced!) to tokenize ownership of Cambrian Protocol. The initial allocation will be airdropped to early contributors. Just chat with us in Discord! https://discord.gg/ZFCbGGc2Qd

The purpose of CambrianDAO is to make DAOs into economically competitive entities by dog-fooding our own labor and service tools. By figuring out what works for us, we hope to export the best solutions to the ecosystem and light a fire under the future of work.