<aside> 🙂 Tiramisu is all about community, kindness and the power of small actions. In order to keep this space as safe and friendly as possible, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you’re on the platform (Most of them are nice to apply in your life too 😀):



To remember at any time

In general, treat others the way you would like others to treat you 😊 And keep in mind that behind every avatar and username, there is a human being with a life and a story. So PLEASE 🙏 make sure your interaction will make them feel better 🥰

<aside> 🚨 In case of non respect: All members can report requests and messages that offend them and/or they judge are going against these guidelines, either directly in the app or by sending an email to [hello@tiramisuapp.com.](mailto:hello@tiramisuapp.com.)We will take action after review or confirmation. Most of the times we will start by sending a warning and a reminder to the guidelines above. We can also decide to ban permanently the member violating these guidelines in case of repeated behavior or in case we judge their presence in the platform unsafe for the other members.