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Last updated: November 2020

Make Many Moves aims to create and actively foster a positive and inclusive community. We offer a safe and brave space for members to make meaningful connections around shared values and ambitions, while respecting and valuing diversity in all its forms. As such, it is important for members to be intentional about co-creating this space for engaging, whether online or in person.

We kindly ask that you read through these community guidelines and resources below and commit to actively staying educated and aware of your own power, privileges, intersectionality, and unconscious biases. As the community grows and evolves, these guidelines and resources will shift and expand accordingly. We look forward to growing together and celebrating a space rooted in true diversity and inclusiveness!

🤝 You get what you give.

Like anything in life, the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. Please refrain from submitting unrelated, self-promotional links in the community and do not spam others in their inbox with unsolicited sales pitches. Aim to provide insights, authenticity, and value in your posts. We absolutely want to cheer on and celebrate your accomplishments along the way and there are specific threads about promoting yourself, your projects, or business that are separate from the main purpose of the community. Before posting a promotional link, please ensure you only add it in the relevant groups or spaces and if you aren't sure if the topic is appropriate for your post, please speak to a moderator first.

👣 Support growth along different paths.

Communication - especially in an online forum - can be hard! Acknowledge diverse opinions, perspectives, beliefs, and lived experiences. Embrace this as you debate and converse with each other and recognize that language and conventions evolve. Stay positive, helpful, encouraging, and compassionate - especially when everyone is learning and mistakes are made.

🗣️ Stay true and respect confidentiality

This community was built on the foundation of learning to pause in order to press play again and rebuilding mental resilience and physical strength during burnout recovery. The online portal is a private members only space where goals, personal matters, and vulnerability may be openly shared in order to foster deep authentic connections. Finding support, strength, and accountability are important cornerstones for this community. Feel free to only share at your own comfort zone and where you are at. We ask you to remain genuine and honest in your interactions. We also ask you to respect member confidentiality in order to build mutual trust and respect. The MMM team and/or moderators may feature member stories within the community and in member-only communications online or via email. Anything shared and learned here remains within the membership, unless permission is granted to use names and explicit details of other members' stories externally.

🚫 Zero Tolerance Policy

There is a zero tolerance policy for intentional harm, racism, discrimination and any hate speech in this group. If another member makes you feel uncomfortable, or there is an incident stemming from a harmful interaction in the group please write to us ( Whether misconduct is experienced by you personally or you are witness to another member's incident it is important to call it out where you feel comfortable and/or report it immediately for the safety and respect of others in the group.

You are also able to report any post on the community feed by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of each post and hitting report. Admins and moderators will be sent a notification (see screenshot ).

Intentional harm, oppression, violence, or direct threats found in the online community is grounds for immediate removal. If another member asks that you stop any unwanted harmful interactions and you continue to interact negatively with them in the community or in private messages, you will be removed. Any reports of covert racism, micro-aggressions, or gaslighting - despite unintentional harm are unacceptable and will receive a warning on a two strike policy. We take these issues seriously and reserve the right to remove member access at our discretion at any time.

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