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Code of Conduct

In order to keep the Open Source Design community warm, welcoming, and safe place we ask that all participates read and adhere to the following code of conduct.

Be excellent to each other

Please treat each other, as well as the public, in an excellent way. What it means to “be excellent” is the following:

These traits exemplify the type of community we strive for with Open Source Design. We want a diverse community where members treat each other excellently, at all times.

We want Open Source Design to be diverse because we A) believe in equality and B) know that diversity leads to healthier culture, which outputs better creativity.

Don’t be a mean or a not nice person

The following are behaviors that are known to exclude and make other demographics of people feel unwelcome. Please do not do the following.

Don’t be offensive

If you think you are offending someone for whatever reason, STOP immediately. If you’re uncertain, ask a core community member (in private message). Asking for guidance will show good faith that you are striving to uphold our code of conduct.

Don’t discriminate against anyone

Please be especially sensitive and aware of others who are different from you. Don’t make jokes, offhand comments, or name your projects in ways that can be offensive relating to, but not limited to, the following topics