If you're looking to use Notion branding to promote your community work, events, or creations, please follow these Brand Guidelines ("Guidelines"). Together, we can create a brand that's immediately recognized by millions around the world. We really appreciate your help. 🙏

If you would like to use our brand elements in a way that is not covered by these Guidelines, please send a written request to us here.

General Rules

Always use Notion's trademarks and brand elements in accordance with these Guidelines, as well as any other guidelines Notion has provided you. All rights we grant you to use our trademarks and brand elements require that you specify that the trademarks and brand elements belong to Notion. Notion can modify or revoke at any time, in its sole discretion, any permission we grant you to use our trademarks.

Permitted Use

Please only use the brand elements found in these Guidelines.

You may refer to Notion's trademarks and brand elements to accurately describe how your products or services relate to our products or services. For example, you can say that your app works with, works for, uses, or was built with Notion's product or service.

You may refer to Notion and Notion's products and services using the word "Notion" when creating communities and related social media accounts, but please do not imply any sort of official business affiliation or sponsorship by Notion. For example, you may call your group "Notion Kyoto Community," but not "Official Notion Sponsored Japan Users". For more information on Notion Community groups, see https://www.notion.so/community

Prohibited Use

The following usage of Notion's trademarks or brand elements are prohibited. Please do not:

Attribution Language

Where you have been granted permission to use our trademarks through these guidelines or through other written authorization from Notion, you must always include the attribution language provided for you in your written authorization, or by including the following statement at the bottom of the page:

"Notion and the Notion logo are trademarks of Notion Labs, Inc., and are used here with permission."

For community-run websites and social media accounts, please also include clear language that this is a community-run website or account and is not maintained or affiliated with Notion Labs, Inc.

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