All things amazing in web3 tend to happen through the community. The ethos of web3 is community-centric for a reason, that’s where all great ideas bloom. Many of us have been wondering and asking about gender diversity in web3, but where do we go to find community?

3 women came together and decided to aggregate some notable communities and projects that are making strides*. Below are just some of the ones we curated—this is a living doc, of course. 😇 Feel free to suggest more by dm’ing us on Twitter.

Last updated: February 8, 2022

Note: the female-led tag is used for projects where it may not be clear why they were included in this document. if a project doesn’t have the female-led tag, assume it is female-led :)

🤝  Communities Focused on Bringing More Women Into Web3

🎉  Social Communities

🎨  NFT Projects

🏠  DAOs

📖  Professional/Learning Communities

🎬  Media

If you’re looking for more people to follow, more threads tagging women in web3 are here and here!

Want to suggest someone to add to this list? Message us on Twitter!