The grants committee exists to empower the community. In order to maximize the funds available for grants, we aim to maximize the productivity of hours worked and as such minimize administration costs. For accountability, we log worked hours in

Time Tracking

Committee members are to self-report their worked hours in a public timesheet document. There should be a separate document for each committee operating month (starting on the 19th of a month and ending on the 18th of the next month).

For each worked day, at least one row should be filled out. The timesheet has 3 mandatory columns: Date: The date on which work was done

Task: The billable tasks that were done

Hours: The number of billable hours worked

The task column should give enough detail on the tasks that it can be recreated by a third person what was worked on. For example, if it was a call, it should include who the call was with. If there was admin work done, it should be specified what platform it was on (e.g. Notion/Discord/etc.). The more hours are logged in a single entry, the more detailed the description for that entry should be.

The timesheet should be filled out daily if tracking directly in Notion or weekly if a separate time tracking app is used.

Any timesheet entry not logged in adherence with this policy/having empty fields will not be accepted or paid out. This decision can be made by a majority vote of committee members agreeing that the timesheet entry does not adhere to the policy.

Maximums on working hours are enforced on a monthly basis, not weekly.