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We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our well-funded Startup to build our products and software team.

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Location: Berlin or Remote

"Create the products and technical infrastructure that will transform the food industry"

About Hier Foods

What we do

Building the infrastructure for local food trade

Join us in our mission to improve direct trade between local food producers and their customers. We enable more suppliers to sell to retail by digitising the ordering process for Supermarkets and Suppliers.

Why we do it

Local Food for Everyone

At Hier, we ❤ food. We love shopping for great ingredients, cooking, and having friends and family over for a great meal. From this, we've discovered that food from local producers tastes fresher, is more nutritious and is better for the world 🌏.

We've found that though there are family businesses who put their hearts and souls into making great tasting produce; fresh vegetables, meat, dairy & even local specialities, yet it can seem much easier to source food from cities that are anywhere but close by. At Hier we want to improve local food trade to be en paar with the global food chain that's evermore efficient and connected. We connect ambitious retailers with local producers and provide tools and services that allow them to grow. We want to bring local food to where your buy your groceries.

The Role

How we work

As part of our company, Hier builds a web & native App solution for supermarkets and farmers alike, and to ensure we're building the right solutions for our customers we keep in touch with our them on a daily basis. If we want to get more specific, at Hier we value our customers problems over solutions, testing over assumptions and creating experiences rather than features.