Hi guys! I'm currently on my first year of anthropology (i had art history as my second major but i switched it for sociology, which i start next semester in october, since anthropology was my main choice but double majors require a second department so I needed something less demanding to focus on anthro), right now I'm preparing for exams in september (since i messed up during the regular exam season each semester lol) and I have a few tips that have been helping me through this first year of uni, mostly for those who are still in high school lol

First thing is something that was just mentioned in the bookclub tag and its

<aside> ➕ libgen.is


where you can find a lot of books from many fields in pdf form.

Second is, take your own notes! Its such a simple and common advice but it honestly is so important, if you can, go to every class and take notes. You'll thank yourself when its exam season and you need something to guide you through the books. Finding a way to organise your notes in the way you find most efficient really helps too.

Third is also an obvious one but don't rely on anything other than the actual book and class notes. There are many sites that offer summaries and notes from other students (unless its someone you trust) and I find that no matter how hard it is to go through so much literature its so much more rewarding to make your own summaries for revision.

Fourth is to go to consultation hours after exams if your uni does that, so you chan check with your profesor where you went wrong and what you failed to understand. If needed, you can re do your exam better or at least you know what to revise on your own to further improve your knowledge in the field.

And lastly, I know most students are hella busy with the materials that are mandatory, but definitely reading books from your field that arent on the list helps understand whats happening, because not every writer is for every reader and you might find an explanation that you understand better in a book thats not on your syllabus.Thats it, pretty basic stuff but if there's anything specific you wanna know (like how i take notes etc) hit me up