<aside> ⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Due to the release of our new single asset minting feature, we have an unusually high influx of verification requests coming in. It may take longer than usual to verify your collection. We appreciate your patience.


We’re excited that you want to list your collection with us!

Please read below for details on our verification process and instructions to submit your collection for verification

If your collection is minting soon, please ensure you submit your request at least 48 hours in advance so we have enough time to review and verify your project in a timely manner.

<aside> ⚠️ IMPORTANT: Once you submit your verification request, you are required to send a DM to @jpgstorelist from your project’s official Twitter account, so we can verify that you are the creator submitting the request. Please include: collection name, wallet address for royalties (if applicable) and desired royalty %. If you do not confirm your information through Twitter, we may not be able to verify your collection.


Submitting Your Collection

Please submit your collection request through the link below. For timely verification, please ensure the following:

If you have any additional questions, or want to follow up on a collection you submitted, please reach out on Twitter to our verification account @jpgstorelist. Thank you for your interest in our marketplace, we look forward to seeing your artwork!

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