Guidelines should be easily accessible, digestible, and - more than anything - they should enable the team.

With Notion, we'll have your engineering guidelines up and enabling the team in three steps. For the purpose of thise guide, we'll use engineering, but this can easily be replicated for design, marketing - you name it.

Get started right away with our template when creating a new page or keep reading to learn how to make one yourself!

Step 1: Create sections for your guidelines

Let's instantly make our guidelines scannable by adding in some sections.

We'll do so with a combination of headers and dividers, which can both be added by clicking on the [+] button when you're on a new line in the editor.

For our engineering guidelines, we'll add in a section for 'Javascript Styles' and 'Usage.'

Step 2: Add bullet lists and code snippets

Now that we've got our sections, we can go ahead and fill out the guidelines themselves.

Readability is important here so let's use some bullet-lists and what type of engineering guideline would it be without some code?

We can add both in with the help of the [+] button when we're on a new line in the editor.

Step 3: Style your page to add some character

It's time to dress things up a bit to top things off: